Nutraceuticals A flourishing Industry

The Nutraceutical industry be a   thriving industry in Gujarat, India because of several competitive advantages of the industry:

  1. Beneficial Climate: Gujarat is having a beneficial climate, easy availability of raw material like proteins, vitamins and dairy ingredients, and this makes the Nutraceutical industry and added advantage for Gujarat in India.
  2. International Manufacturing Companies Investments: Several international Nutraceutical companies including Abbott and DSM have set up manufacturing base in Gujarat.
  3. Nutraceutical Manufacturing : In addition to the nutraceutical manufacturing units, several cities in Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Valsad, Surat, Rajkot and Mehsana have a major presence of natural extract based industries.
  4. Supply chain of Nutraceuticals: Companies such as Unique Pharmaceuticals, JB Chemical, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Paras Pharmaceuticals and Vasu Pharmaceuticals which are based in Gujarat, have international linkages in terms of import and export of natural extract products , apart from this these companies has a well managed supply chain in the form of distributors, dealers, suppliers, sourcing and exporting companies for ease of doing business.
  5. Environmental Clearance: Only state which comply 100% with the environmental procedures. Gujarat fares highly when it comes to setting up a business, allotment of land and obtaining a construction permit.

Created By: Vinita Bhandari


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