Phosphorus Tri Chloride An Important Chemical Some Important Facts

  1. Phosphorus tri chloridePhosphorous Tri chloride is synonym as Phosphorus (III) chloride, PCl3 Phosphorus trichloride has used as an intermediate to produce other chemicals.
  2. Phosphorus trichloride (PCl3) is used as a chemical intermediate to produce a variety of products which are used in several applications including agricultural products, surfactants and metal extractants, flame retardants, additives for lubricants and stabilizers for plastics.
  3. Phosphorous Tri chloride is used mainly in producing Pharma Intermediates, pesticides and plastic industry products.
  4. Phosphorus trichloride is used in industrial applications and other processes where workplace exposures can occur. Consumer exposure does not occur as phosphorus trichloride is not used in any commercially available product.
  5. Phosphorus trichloride is dangerous to human health. Phosphorus trichloride may be fatal if inhaled, highly toxic if swallowed, harmful if absorbed through skin and can cause severe burns which may result in scarring.
  6. Phosphorus trichloride is consumed in manufacturing processes. PCl3 can make its way into the environment through unintentional releases (spills). PCl3 will not bio accumulate but is not biodegradable.
  7. Based on eco toxicological testing performed on fish and fresh-water invertebrates, PCl3 in higher concentrations can be harmful to aquatic life due to formation of acids from the hydrolysis of PCl3.
  8. When released into the atmosphere, phosphorus trichloride exists as vapour. The vapours hydrolyse to hydrochloric and phosphoric acids from reaction with humidity in the air.

Created by: Vinita Bhandari


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