Chemical Distribution Business Goes Digital in 2018

Chemical Distribution Business Goes Digital in 2018

Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry is going digital

The chemical and Pharmaceutical industry is going digital evolution and it is underway. An aging workforce, a new wave of management, and the growing importance of top line growth are behind the shift.

The new generation of smart phone is moving into management roles and bringing digital business practices for chemical industry with them.

What has largely been a conservative chemical industry and a risk-averse industry for decades is now modernizing and trying to be digitised.

The chemical industry has sustained itself via handshake sales tactics, yet the new smart phone generation conducts itself largely online. In fact, the average customer now goes through up to 70% of the buying process online before engaging with a sales representative, according to research from Google.

Digital technology is being used to streamline processes of chemicals and pharmaceutical industry production activities, and ultimately improve returns.

In the chemical industry, digital technology is the change agent responsible for modernizing the chemical and Pharmaceutical industry and addressing the needs of the 2018 customer.

A digital transformation is taking shape across the chemical industry. The digital transformation is well worth it. In fact, cost-per-lead can fall by up to 50% when chemical companies employ digital strategies, and companies that employ digital strategies are forecast to see growth at twice the industry


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