Nutraceuticals: New Age of Treatment and Well-Being

Nutraceuticals New Age of Treatment and Well-BeingNutraceuticals :Some Facts

The idea of nutraceutical was stared from the study in U.K., Germany and France and it was found that diet is more important than doing exercise or hereditary factored for getting good health.

Nutraceutical are the substances which have positive effects on human body.

We can’t call nutraceutical in Food or in drug category but it is counted as in between the two.

The drugs are having risk of toxicity and adverse effect and thus was a search of safer nutraceutical and functional food based approaches for the health management of people.

Thus the revolution of nutraceutical started worldwide. This nutraceutical revolution has lead us into a new era of medicine and health, in which the food industry will become a research-oriented one similar to the pharmaceutical industry.

There is major challenges of The lifestyle diseases: Nutraceutical is the option

There is major challenges of The lifestyle diseases’ due to spending improved economic developments, thus as new ways of searched to improve health and remove life style diseases.

The first victim of this lifestyle change has been food habits. Consumption of junk food has increased manifold, which has led to a number of diseases related to nutritional deficiencies.

Nutraceutical can play an important role in controlling them. No wonder more and more people are turning to nutraceuticals.

The term nutraceutical was coined from nutrition and pharmaceutical. “A nutraceutical is any substance that is a food or a part of food and provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease”.

Such products may range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specific diets to genetically engineered designer foods and herbal products.

Some of the products we supply are: Beta Carotene, L-Carnosine, Melatonin, Resveratrol, Benfotiamine, Zinc Carnosine.



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