Future of Indian chemical industries

  1. Future of Indian chemical industriesThe established traditional sectors of the country The Indian chemical industry. This industry plays an important role in the country’s economic development.
  2. Chemical sector forms a part of the basic goods industry and is a critical input for industrial and agricultural development.
  3. One of the oldest industries in India is chemical industry is and has made enormous contribution.
  4. It includes both large and small-scale units. The chemical industry serves the needs of sectors such as textiles, Dyes, Pharmaceutical, leather, plastics, paper, printing inks and food stuffs, among others.
  5. The chemical industry is among the most diversified industrial sectors and includes basic chemicals and its products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, paints, gases, pharmaceuticals, dyes, etc.
  6. Over the years, the Chemical industry has been evolving with a shift towards product innovation, brand building and environmental friendliness. Besides, customer focus is gaining significance in the industry.
  7. The sector covers over 70,000 commercial products, and provides the feed stock to many downstream industries such as finished drugs, dyestuff, paper, synthetic rubber, plastics, polyester, paints, pesticides, fertilizers and detergents.

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