5 Things of Procurement outsourcing Important for Pharmaceutical raw material sourcing



  1. By outsourcing their Procurement process to experts who specialize in Procurement alone, Pharmaceutical formulations, API and Intermediate companies can significantly improve operations.
  2. Procurement outsourcing companies for pharmaceuticals and chemicals sourcing employ experts in the fields of Distribution and Supply Chain Logistics for multinational pharmaceutical and chemical, Manufacturing and Product Development companies.
  3. These company people usually have decades of experience and expertise in the sourcing of API, Intermediates, Expecients, Nutraceutical sourcing and supplying business and can optimize operations by employing their know-how and Procurement best practices of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  4. They also bring vast commodity of knowledge and excellent order execution to the table. It is important to note that Procurement outsourcing companies are better equipped to ensure that each order is followed through to be received accurately and on time. This is crucial as it avoids delays in deliveries, which can lead to production delays, causing huge expenses.
  5. Finally, such companies usually have a finely tuned operational understanding of the businesses they are outsourcing for, enabling a multi-faceted approach to identifying simplified Procurement solutions for immediate value.

Your outsourcing company should truly be a partner, an extension of your business and fully invested in the success of your company. Jigs Chemical is the sourcing company doing  Procurement of API, Intermediates, fine chemicals, speciality chemicals, Nutraceuticals, Excipients and dyes and dye intermediates. Jigs  offers a highly skilled and dedicated team to perform Procurement functions quickly and inexpensively, and with the flexibility needed to meet the changing needs of any Procurement department.

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