Sourcing of Excipients for Pharmaceutical Formulations

SOURCING OF EXCIPIENTS FOR PHARMA FORMULATIONSExcipients, which are natural substance formulated alongside the active Pharmaceutical ingredients. These are effective in the manufacturing progression, to aid in the usage of the active substance concerned such as by facilitating powder flow facility or non-stick properties. It is also used in vitro stability such as avoidance of denaturation over the usual shelf life. We accomplish to all pharmaceutical standards and regulations, which are proven to be totally safe and contamination free.

Excipients for Formulation

Excipients play a vital role in the manufacturing of unit dosage forms pharmaceutical drug products and the performance of the finished drug product. They are characteristically the major components of a solid dosage form. These Excipients are non-participative substances in any reactions and  have definite roles in the development of capsules and tablets, and are added for support of manufacturing process or to add practicality to the formulation.

Excipients for processing

Excipients can be divided into various broad processing categories for functionality. Bulking agents such as Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, or Microcrystalline Cellulose are added to make the dosage form enhanced in size, so that it is easier to produce and to accomplish a reasonable tablet weight.

Created By: Vinita Bhandari


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