Opportunity For Indian Pharma API And Intermediates In Australia

API AND PHARMA INTERMEDIATE SOURCING IN AUSTRALIA1. Australia would have to take a signal from countries such as India which is a major generic drug market;

2. There can be a drive in Australia to essentially expand the market by considering sourcing of material for generic drug production and drug manufacturing equipment from developing economies like India.

3. Collaborations for technical know how are also imperative in the health care sector going forward.

4. There is an opportunity in the Australian clinical trials industry which is estimated to generate revenues.

5. In terms of exports the top destination for respondent companies in the Australian pharma exports by FOB value was Asia followed by South Africa. Both of these destinations contribute to more than 50% of the total exports.

6. The need for increased investments in research and development of generic drugs has arisen and all major Australian pharma companies are banking on it, therefore, there is an opportunity here to cash in.

7. With the Australian pharma market observing gradual growth and beginning to encroach on the top pharma bracket there seems to be a hope for investors and exporters.

8. The pharma sector seems ready for a take off with more help from the policy makers and renewed research and development initiatives and investments.

9. The number of deals involving Australian drug developers has noticeably ticked up in the last few years.


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